THEZINKER, Dreamer & Vizionary since 1963

THEZINKER, born with the name Kim Michael, was a young man travels to Russia in 1992 to initiate building developments and to experience the revolutionary changes that had been set in motion all across Europe. However, he didn’t expect an internal revolution so potent that it would completely turn his world upside down. As a scientist discovering string theory, he was about to realize dimensions of a universe that he had been oblivious to. He was going to unveil a world that would equip him with the tools necessary to govern the massive amount of thoughts and ideas that were running loose in his mind. He would find the tongue that he had always been missing to express himself. Most important of all, he was about to enter the core of his identity at a Russian paint factory, when he for the first time swung a brush draped in colours against a defenceless white canvas. That day he saw his own rebirth take shape in the slithering colours. He finally felt that oxygen surged down into his lungs, as if he had held his breath until that moment.

When Kim Michael went to Russia, he didn’t leave without a vision. He carried an idea in his heart that would bring Denmark on everyone’s mind. However, the idea was obscure and hidden in the recesses of his brain. It was only when he started to paint that he felt how the fog that his ideas hid in, started to elevate. Every time he painted, a piece of himself was stored in the creation. He had so much inside of him that he had to split little parts of himself into his paintings.

All the paintings were small atoms of one big molecule that he work by work came closer to understand. A molecule that would end up being the fabric of his conceptual thinking. However, the paintings have never been subjects to a strict conformity in order to gain process. They are just snapshots of feelings, thoughts and energy that expresses the exact person that Kim was, when he painted them. It was his way of entering a state of catharsis. A necessity to gain clarity.

“Even if I die without a penny in my pocket, I would still
be the richest man who lived. For I have always stood as
the captain of my own ship. I have always sailed along
the roads that my inner compass pointed towards. A lot
have tried to disrupt my course. Many have tried to steer
my ship, but indomitable I keep sailing down the rivers of
which my lifeblood flows.”