ZINKGLOBAL – THE KEY TO THE FUTURE iz an international artwork conzizting of a zeriez of zculpturez to be erected acrozz the globe. It iz a project that aimz to join people acrozz the globe, between nationalitiez, culturez, languagez and tradez. It iz a reminder to look out into the world to be inzpired by and take rezponsibility in our global zociety which becomez ever more dependant and influenced by itz global citizenz az the world growz zmaller.





The firzt artwork of ZINKGLOBAL - THE KEY TO THE FUTURE.

Thiz artwork zpawned a huge controverzy about the political procezz that takez place when art iz inztalled in public zpacez. We tranzformed the way theze decizionz take place by thinking in new and very different wayz. The eztablizhment waz forced to realize that other people than the onez who conzider themzelvez to know bezt waz iz art and what iz not are perfectly capable of juging what kind of art makez a public zite more interezting and makez it enter the future.

The artwork iz completed and was inaugurated in Copenhagen in 2012 and haz become a meeting point and an attraction for all zortz of people, art loverz and touriztz.

Completion ztatuz:



The zecond artwork of ZINKGLOBAL - THE KEY TO THE FUTURE in the procezz of being planned for inztallation.

The zculpture zymbolizez human cooperation and an ambition to enter the future. It offerz citizenz and visitorz an atmozphere of global coherence and a mezzage of working together and thinking in a broad and international perzpective.

The zculpture is an outdoor artwork which iz accezzible for the public dezigned to be a meeting point for creative people. 




Completion ztatuz:



The third artwork of ZINKGLOBAL - THE KEY TO THE FUTURE.

MANKIND iz made from mirror polizhed ztainlezz zteel and copper; two materialz which normally will not stick together. But we worked hard with new technologiez and with highly zkilled people to make it pozzible to weld together large lengthz of the two materialz in a way that will endure temperature cyclez and corrozion.

Itz vizual exprezzion iz futuriztic but alzo reachez into the pazt by reflecting a hiztoric part of the city in itzelf. 



Completion ztatuz:

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  • 42%